Boomerang Gives Monthly Initiative For Judea & Samaria


Take part, each month, in supporting a different

initiative within Judea and Samaria. 

Write history your grandchildren will be proud of. 

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Supporting Malachey Hashalom Farm

Our friend, Eliav Libi of the Malachey Hashalom Farm, was the recent victim of the theft of 120 head of sheep.  The flock that was stolen helped preserve over 15 hundred acres of land under Jewish control and the financial loss is valued at 80 thousand dollars.  Eliav and his family are pioneers, builders of Israel and they have invested all their resources and energy in the building of the land of Israel and we invite you to join us in this campaign and take part in protecting the Land of Israel.

Reaching Another Thousand Discharged Lone Soldiers

Every year, three thousand lone soldiers complete their military service. Some of them are new immigrants, others are youngsters without a family to support them and without a home to return to. Once the lone soldier is discharged, he or she becomes a civilian. Within a single day, they no longer have a place to sleep. If they do, it usually lacks furniture and basic electrical equipment: a bed, a fridge, a heater etc. A lack of human support and a guiding hand makes getting used to civilian life difficult. They need someone who will offer good advice to help them make the right decisions regarding work and studies.

past Boomerang Gives Initiatives

Choosing Life -

Fighting Terror

The “Choose Life” forum comprises families who have lost their most precious family members yet are not prepared to surrender to terrorism. They will not rest and not be quiet until we see the Jewish nation victorious over the terror that is sweeping through the country. Together with them, we can prevent the next terror attack.

Ari Fuld's Dream for the Soldiers

Boomerang Gives will be joining the efforts of the "Ari Fuld Project" and "Standing Together" in order to actualize the dream Ari had; to commemorate his friend Yehoshua Freidberg through the creation & operation of a Hospitality truck to service IDF Soldiers in the field.

Military-Grade Trauma Kits for 1st responders

First responders in Israel are volunteers. Their time is dedicated to saving and securing lives against terror, accidents and other emergencies. Waiting for an ambulance, they have 10 minutes to treat life-threatening injuries. These trauma kits have everything they need to save 2 lives.

Supporting a program for adults with autism

Yedidiya and Aharon are autist adults enrolled in a program located in Bat Ayin. They spend much of their day working with wood, creating flower boxes and selling them. Contributors of this Boomerang Gives initiative enabled us to upgrade their workspace so they can work more efficiently, safer and more successfully.

Pizza for the IDF

Young adults in Israel are forced to take on more responsibility than most of their counterparts throughout the world. Their work results in saving lives. But it's important to always remember that these soldiers are all just kids at heart and nothing creates a smile more than a pizza delivery while on duty.


BBQ on Israel's Independence Day

While all of Israel was on vacation celebrating Independence Day, the soldiers were on patrol or on-base protecting the country. Boomerang Gives called out to those around the world to bring the celebration to them.

5 army bases, 5 BBQ's over a thousand soldiers. 

Take part, each month, in supporting a different

initiative within Judea and Samaria. 

Write history your grandchildren will be proud of.