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Boomerang Gives is a monthly video series designed to build a bridge between people throughout the world and the pioneers of Judea and Samaria. ​Every single month, we pick a project, we produce a video, set up a crowdfunding campaign and enable people like you to take part in the story being written here. This is a monthly initiative. Although one-time donations are great, we are looking for ongoing, monthly contributions. This is a long-term project with a real and lasting impact. We hope you join us.

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Boomerang Gives Monthly Initiative For Judea & Samaria


Take part, each month, in supporting a different initiative within Judea and Samaria. Write history your grandchildren will be proud of. 

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We have raised more than $183,000 for Projects within

Judea and Samaria...

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Why does Judea & Samaria matter and what is going on on the ground that creates so much conflict? And what are "Settlers" really like?



Boomerang Gives are always seeking enthusiastic team members to pick up the pen with us and write history. Are you interested?

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Each month, you will receive updates with videos from where your money is going and another video for where it went.