Boomerang Gives Monthly Initiative For Judea & Samaria

Take part, each month, in supporting a different initiative within Judea and Samaria. Write history your grandchildren will be proud of.

WE RAISED $2,000 for games

for the children under rocket fire

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Raised of $2,000 Target by 32 Supporters

5 days to go


Thank you to those who contributed:

Terri Fresko, Lori Axelrod Cava, Nina Sabghir, Michelle Hodder, Kenneth Black, Herb Glatter, Lisa Fogelson, Marc Sokol, Clifford Wolfe, Lisa Koenig, יוסף הר טוב, Jackie Gerson, Traci Goldstein, Gary Blum, Laura Romero, Ivo Molnar, Martin Fuchsman, Shirley Savel, Bonnie Siegal, 

Diana Vachier, Akiva Gersh, Arlene Gerstman, Ben Goldstein, Vicki Fairman


The children of the south of Israel have never experienced a time of peace. A time without rocket fire from Gaza or the threat of rocket fire from Gaza. Today is no different. following the targeted killing of the Islamic Jihad leader, hundreds of thousands of people have had work and school canceled and are spending most of their time in private and public bomb shelters. A joint effort between Boomerang Gives and the Games company HaKubiah will be driving down to these children to deliver the latest toys and games in order to create even a small sense of normalcy.


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WhatsApp Image 2019-11-12 at 8.19.03 PM.

About Boomerang Gives:


Boomerang Gives is a monthly video series designed to build a bridge between people throughout the world and the pioneers of Judea and Samaria. Every single month, we pick a project, we produce a video, set up a crowdfunding campaign and enable people like you to take part in the story being written here. This is a monthly initiative. Although one-time donations are great, we are looking for ongoing, monthly contributions. This is a long-term project with a real and lasting impact. We hope you join us.

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