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This Month weʼre raising $100,000 

for IDF 'Lone Soldiers'

Based on the outskirts of Cambridge but treating animal patients from throughout the UK (and sometimes beyond!) our Veterinary Hospital runs on a not-for-profit basis. That's where we step in to help fund essential equipment and facilities to ensure the Queen's Veterinary School Hospital is able to provide excellent animal healthcare.

We are now looking to renovate and modernize one of our existing small animal theatres so that our surgical team can offer pioneering new techniques to create a dedicated Small Animal Minimally Invasive operating facility.

So what will be involved and how will this help our patients?  We are looking to install a completely new lighting system and purchase an autofluorescence HD Camera System alongside an arthroscopy tower. With each surgical advance, the aim is to reduce the impact of operation and to decrease recovery time with all the added benefits that bring.

Our fundraising has already got off to a flying start with an incredibly generous £8,000 donation from the Solent District Dog Training Club and Display Team. Can you help us too? Your gift will greatly benefit our small animal patients for many years to come.   

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information - we are always happy to help with any questions

Thank you!



About Boomerang Gives:


Boomerang Gives is a monthly video series designed to build a bridge between people throughout the world and the pioneers of Judea and Samaria. Every single month, we pick a project, we produce a video, set up a crowdfunding campaign and enable people like you to take part in the story being written here. This is a monthly initiative. Although one-time donations are great, we are looking for ongoing, monthly contributions. This is a long-term project with a real and lasting impact. We hope you join us.